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"My wife and I have enjoyed your Zoom Kabbalat Shabbat Services as we prepared our Shabbat dinners together during the pandemic. Your voice has brought a new level of spirituality to our house. I've enjoyed your D'var Torahs and your stories!"
  Joe S.
"It was a lovely funeral service. Our family and friends all felt that it captured my dad's wonderful character... It was a fitting, positive way both to honor his life and help us grieve. Thank you."
  Stephen G.
"This will mark our wedding anniversary. The blessings you bestowed on us have given us much happiness, hopefully for many years to come!"
  Fredda W.

"A HUGE 'thank you' for your help, support and patience throughout our daughter's Bat Mitzvah preparation process. Our hearts could not have been filled with more joy. You helped to make yesterday a stress-free environment for all of us."

  Jen M.

"We are so thankful for Zoom services during the pandemic. You kept our community together with prayer, celebrations and words of wisdom. We will miss you and your beautiful singing voice in our sanctuary!"
  Jay M.
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